How Important Is Ethics: Guidelines and Samples

March 28, 2019

How Important Is Ethics

Students have lots of written assignments during their study. And they know that if the essay is on the subject they are interested in and they know much about it, the essay shall be outstanding. It means that academic direction in writing an essay is one of the essential aspects. Ethics is one of those subjects that may be quite challenging for students.

What is so difficult about ethics? You see, when you write about architecture, an increasing number of obese people, describe characters of some piece of writing, etc. these are visible and apprehensible objects. Ethics touches the phenomenon you cannot see, touch or taste. Ethics is about the rules and guidelines accepted in our society. In other words, this is a moral code for humans. When you are assigned a composition in ethics, you will probably write about some moral norms people follow.

This discipline describes different rules and norms every person in society follows. However, people have a different opinion and attitude to the same rules. What is rather acceptable for one person, may be totally unnatural for the other one.

Another complicated thing about ethics is that it is closely related to every sphere of our life. Every sphere  – business, education, culture, etc. – has its ethical code. Ethics helps us analyze and understand different groups of people, nations, and societies. Despite this is not the easiest topic, it is still possible to learn how to compose essays on ethical topics. We will teach you how.

Samples of essay topics in ethics

A topic of your composition is one of the essential aspects of a successful composition. If you choose an unclear of a too controversial theme, you have all the chances to fail your task. Check out the essay themes we have selected. These are examples of ace papers:

  1. Basic norms and principles of professional ethics.
  2. Selfishness: a good or bad trait?
  3. The ratio of public and personal in professional ethics.
  4. Why are some people too egoistic?
  5. Should abortions be banned?
  6. Short-term and long-term benefits of professional relationships.
  7. Is it possible to overcome jealousy?
  8. The ratio of material and spiritual in professional ethics.
  9. Why do people need rules of morality?
  10. Traditions, customs, habits, their influence on the state of the professional environment.
  11. Is it possible to make everybody happy?
  12. The moral life of the organization.
  13. Is there a lie for the sake of the good?
  14. Professional ethics of the head of the organization.
  15. Should the same ethical norms be used for all the people?
  16. Rituals and ceremonies in business life.
  17. Do ethic norms change depending on the current situation in society?
  18. Basics of medical ethics.
  19. Are morality and religion interrelated?
  20. Traditions and innovations in modern culture.
  21. Who defines social values?
  22. How do I understand morality?
  23. Etiquette in professional communication.
  24. How are our moral norms shaped?
  25. Do some criminals admit their fault and have a feeling of remorse?
  26. Features of non-verbal communication.
  27. What makes people so cruel?
  28. Features of professional and business communication with foreign partners.
  29. Should we reach our goals by all means?
  30. What moral norms should a woman follow?

Contents of ethics composition

Now, when you have looked through examples of winning topics for your ethics essay, you should define how to chose the one you will be able to cover and that will be interesting for your reader. Try to select the topic which is:

–    Up-to-date

–    Includes a lot of aspects for discussion

–    Leads to finding a solution to a certain problem

–    Helps your reader realize something important

–    Intrigues

–    Contains a lot of new useful information

–    Was not researched by other authors.

Combination of these aspects will give you unlimited power to compose a truly winning essay that keeps your reader attached to it till the last word. You should try to think of the current issue that has not been covered by others. You should define the main questions and find answers to it during the research. You should define the benefits for your reader. Ethics essay dot does not have to be based on facts, it can be based on the personal experience of its author.

Your essay should consist of the introductory part, the body, and the conclusive part. Begin with outlining your essay. It will help you structure the material you have and define the titles of the parts of your paper.

In the introduction, the author should present general information about the topic and introduce the thesis. The size of the intro is usually 1-2 pages. The body part covers the main idea of the essay, sets the questions and gives answers to them. In conclusion the author should summarize the results of the conducted research. The size of the essay is normally several pages, but you should always ask your teacher about the requirements.

Thesis to your ethics essay

Thesis, introduced in the intro part of the essay, is the guiding vector of the entire paper. In your ethics composition, it will allow narrowing down the field of research. This is why the thesis statement should be well-thought-out.

Try to be more specific. If your topic is racism, do not just speak about racism, speak about the racism in a certain country or in a certain period. The thesis normally consists of one sentence. So you should manage to put the entire idea into one sentence.

On the other hand, the thesis will let you discuss the topic in the broader sense. For example, you can discuss the reasons that lead to the level of racism in a certain country.  You should describe things as they are, even if you think that some aspects may look to cruel. This will make your essay realistic and alive.

When writing your ethics essay, you should take your time and start with the draft. You will probably be changing some things in the course of the research. After some time you may polish it and make it perfect.

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