A Full List of The Most Frequent College Interview Questions!

September 4, 2020

To begin with, you should be aware that not all institutions have this interview. However, if your college requires such a form of an initial check, it is better to be prepared and review at least a couple of College interview questions discussed below.  

We’ve tried to collect the complete collection of these questions for you to prepare. Usually, the topics which are discussed during the interview are similar for most of the institutions. Moreover, it doesn’t matter who are you interviewed by and is it conducted online or offline.

If you don’t have enough time to review all the College interview questions, then find at least a couple of minutes for some general recommendations.

Major recommendations about answering College interview questions!

Not to bore you will all the little details and explanations; here are only three helpful tips that can help immensely.

  • Write down 5 facts about yourself that you want to mention during the initial interview.
  • Create a couple of your questions that you are curious to find out about.
  • Be prepared for the deep answer to the next three simple questions: what are your major interest besides the learning process, what you are specifically interested in and reasons for this, and why have you chosen our college?

These are some general things that are usually used as screening questions at the very beginning, and depending on your replies, the variability of the next College interview questions may differ for each student.      

What are your plans for the next 10 years?

If you have a clear vision of what your career will look like in the next 10 years, sure it is a better thing to share these plans during the interview. However, it should be something achievable. An idealistic picture of the future is not something that committee is expecting to hear from you. When you don’t have specific plans, the most appropriate decision will be an explanation of how college experience can influence your future. For instance, “In the following 10 years, I want to be a better public speaker and understand psychology more, due to some knowledge and interaction with different students with various backgrounds.

While answering this or any other question, you should remember to be emotional. Your words and gestures must prove that you truly believe in what are you sharing right now.

One day you have won a lottery, what are your plans?

This is a tricky question when most of the students make the usual mistake of spending everything at once. Even when a person says, he/she will donate all the money to the charity fund, and it sounds impressive. Nevertheless, the committee wants to hear something else. The best possible answer is to divide the sum and discuss what your plans for each percentage of the sum are. Such kind of psychological test should show your diversification and flexibility as a human being.

To simply the choice of spheres you can spend money on, it is better to recollect your interests, nonprofit organizations that you support, and other things that you are bothered about. Of course, you may save a small sum, spend some money on fun stuff, but at first concentrate on something meaningful for you and for society.      

Who is your role model?

As a rule, when answering this College interview question, students waste lots of time for the determination of a specific historical person, brainstorm the ideas, discuss this topic with relatives. The key to the successful answer to this question is why you have chosen this particular person, but not who have you chosen. It is expected that an interviewee will reveille his/her personal qualities and character traits via a role model.

The easiest variant is to choose a person who is close to you. So, you can discuss particular examples when this person taught you something. However, if you still want to talk about a celebrity or important historical figure, try not to be too stereotypical in your choice. Via this standard question, you should show your individuality and exclusivity of your thoughts.

What does being successful mean to you?

The answer to this question may be obvious for some people. Financial independence is equivalent to success to lots of students. However, such an answer is not the best one during the interview. You should think deeper according to such a generalized topic and find your own priorities and understanding.

The best decision which you can make while answering is to concentrate on personal character traits which mean success to you. Also, the great idea is to talk about things that are better to accomplish. Take some time and think more about the individualized approach and creativity. Don’t discuss something too standard or evident.      

What reading has influenced or even changed your attitude to the major things in life?

This is an awesome College interview question that can show how do you analyze and think about beforehand. In this case, you may choose any blog, review, article, or book, but it should not be a popular teenage novel or something from the high school curriculum. Romeo and Juliet or Harry Potter won’t suit.

Your choice should be something that really excited you and changed at least something in your general belief system. As you see, this and the above-discussed questions are mainly concentrating on the reveille of your personality, and you may discuss the same character traits that are meaningful but from a different angle or perspective.   

What was your school weakness, and how did you cope with it?

Such kind of psychological questions explicitly shows your attitude to some tough issues and the way you are building the strategy of the way out from the excising problem. This is not the easiest answer, so you should better prepare yourself for it. Maybe it will be formulated in a different way, but the concept stays the same.

Try to be detailed with your explanations, give real examples, and share your general strategy. For instance, those students who have poor leadership skills should better share an exact plan, the whole strategy of cooperating with team, all books and articles which have helped, and of course practical assistance of some experienced peers.   

Remember that your examples must be real; otherwise, it will be extremely hard to prove that you have coped with this problem yourself.

What differs you from other students?

This particular question might be formulated in another way. For instance, tell about the peculiarities of the family, diversity that you can bring to a team, or specific knowledge that you want to share with others. The easiest way to find the right answer is to write down a list of everything that can pop up in your mind related to the topic of diversity.

Once you have found your peculiarity, you may also keep in mind a couple of additional options so that you can react according to the situation.    

It seems to be the easiest question to answer, but don’t treat it too thoughtlessly. It may not be the simplest among all the discussed College interview questions.   

How does your ideal day without homework and other assignments look like?

Such a question is usually asked when an interviewer wants to find out more about your hobbies and interests while you don’t concentrate on this specific word “hobby”.

Try to be specific while answering the question. If you want, you may include something about relaxation and sleep, but it should be mentioned at the end of your reaction. Don’t afraid to mention that you like cooking or spending time with your family. Here shouldn’t be any extreme exclusivity of what you prefer doing, usual things and interests are just enough for understanding that part of your personality.   

Too extravagant day off may seem like you are lying or just aren’t sincere enough with the interviewers and with yourself.  

A short summary of College interview questions.

We’ve discussed only a couple of the most popular questions that every student might have during the interview. Sometimes students are confused because they might get absolutely identical questions that are formulated in other words. This is a usual practice, and there is no need to worry about it. Such a psychological trick is used regularly to check your reaction for almost the same question.

As clear from all the above-discussed College interview questions, all of them have something in common. Via answering them, an interviewer wants to understand your personality, psychological characteristics, and of course, the level of personal motivation.

For the successful completion of this important part, try to be sincere and show only the best character traits while proving some general thoughts with practical examples from your life. The key is your honesty and motivation.   

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