Winning Business Research Proposal Topics For Students

May 1, 2021

how to write business research proposal

If you study business in college, you may get an assignment to write a business essay. It is an interesting yet complicated task for the students. There are several reasons for it. First, working on a business essay is a new experience for many of you. Writing about business can be a part of your studying routine.

Therefore, you aren’t familiar with the task to be ready for the writing. Second of all, you may have little understanding of the essay structure. If you want to become more expert in business essay writing and find the most appropriate topic for the task, let’s read our guide for the students. 

Business Research Paper: What Is It?

Let’s first look at the essay task and clear the name of the task. What is a business research essay? This task focuses on the business issues related to a particular company or area of interest. You may consider the whole industry or discuss the problematic issues within one company. In the essay, you need to research the company’s information and understand how to manage its difficulties connected either to sales, ads, or customer satisfaction. The writing aims to figure out the problematic issue and come up with the methods to settle the things. Writing about various business issues can help you develop your critical thinking, understand the companies’ pains, and be more expert in the topic. 

How To Choose the Right Topic?

What is the most important when working with the paper? You need to come up with the most relevant topic for the writing. The first step when you start working on the research is to choose an appropriate topic. If you don’t opt for the correct topic, you won’t be able to work with the resources and additional materials. But how can you choose the topic if there are so many events, aspects and business staff in general? Let’s see what you can do:

  • The first piece of advice is quite obvious, but you may still forget about it in a rush. When you try to find the most appropriate topic, you need to consult your task requirements. When you receive the task, you have the guidelines attached to the document. So, before looking for the topic, you need to look into the task paper. There should be some specific hints to help you decide on the topic or choose the right direction. 
  • If there are no tips for choosing the topic, you can go to the professor and ask for help. Your tutor may give you some hints about the topic or say where you can get some inspiration. 
  • If you can’t use the methods, you need to look for the topic on your own. Where should you look for the theme? In our list of topics, you will find the best one to conduct your business research. 

Let’s look at the list of topics and find the one for your paper. 

Business Research Topics for Students

The following sections will show you the list of topics you can use when working on a business research project. Let’s get started and see what the relevant themes for discussion are. 

Intricate Business Research Topics

  1. What are the benefits of free-market capitalism?
  2. How can we raise the minimum wage bar? Do we need to increase the minimum figures? Will it improve the lives of people in poverty?
  3. How to create more job positions? Will it be better for the market? 
  4. How to outsource effectively? Is it a good choice to outsource the processes? 
  5. Why do you find outsourcing beneficial? 
  6. How to become more compatible on the market? 
  7. What strategies are the most effective when talking about business promotion on the Internet?
  8. Investing in startups: is it cost-effective? 
  9. Do people need to take classes on investment issues? 
  10. Is it a good idea to create a business from the ground up?

Interesting Business Topics

  1. How to maximize the revenue from a small business? 
  2. How to transform a small company into an international brand? 
  3. What are the most effective ways to attract customers to a newly built company? 
  4. How to effectively manage Human Resources and ensure the efficacy of their work?
  5. What are the strategies for the brand positioning?
  6. How do you choose the key values for the company?
  7. Working tips to help local businesses survive during the recession. 
  8. How can small businesses compete with the giants on the market?
  9. How can you define your target audience?
  10. What are the major business sectors to bring benefit in 2021?

Brand New Business Topics for a Research

  1. What are cost-effective ways to overcome business difficulties?
  2. What should customers know about local businesses?
  3. Can business ensure more job vacancies for unemployed people?
  4. What do you need to launch a business?
  5. What are the necessary traits a successful businessman has to possess?
  6. Do you need to be risky to make your ideas work, or should you be more conservative?
  7. Are you ready to put everything at stake to become successful?
  8. How to motivate employers to work more effectively?
  9. What are the most working tips to increase the efficacy of the work?
  10. What is the best advice for a beginner in the business area?

Business Research Topics for Students

  1. How can you develop strategic thinking to manage the business?
  2. Can you become successful in managing a family business?
  3. What should you do to advance your business to a new level?
  4. What if you don’t share the point of view of your partner?
  5. Is it a good idea to create a business with your wife/husband?
  6. How do you need to treat the law?
  7. What is more crucial for the businesses: quality of the services or innovative ideas for the market?
  8. What ethical guidelines should you follow when managing a company?
  9. How to become a good leader?
  10. How to avoid conflicts in the working space?

Great Business Topics for a Research

  1. How to promote local businesses online?
  2. Can you find clients if you don’t use social media channels?
  3. Who is better at managing a business: introvert or extrovert?
  4. Do you need to hire a business mentor for your idea?
  5. What are the best and most working promotions these days?
  6. How to calculate a compatible price?
  7. Do you need to rely on intuition when hiring people?
  8. What is more important: skills, experience or a diploma?
  9. Do you need an MBA to become a good businessman?
  10. Is it true that women get better in a business environment?

Tips for Writing a Successful Business Research

If you are done with choosing a topic, you need to move further with the writing part. Aren’t you afraid of it? You shouldn’t be scared of the writing part because the following tips will help you with this task.

  • Know your topic. When you decide on the topic for the research, you need to be an expert in it. If you want to conduct comprehensive research, you need to have at least some minimum knowledge. If you don’t have any idea or understand the processes described in the topic, you need to choose another one.
  • Choose a relevant list of resources. There are lots of materials on the Internet. You will find the information to backup your arguments. But are you sure that the data is valid? When you look for the information, your task is to check the resources meticulously. If you use incorrect data, you can mislead the readers. 
  • Work with the arguments. If you want to make your writing convincing, you should use sound arguments. Why is it so crucial to work on the arguments? By writing a business essay, you are supposed to persuade the readers that your vision is correct. But you won’t be able to convince them unless you present relevant and credible arguments. If you want to make your ideas sound valid, look for the corresponding statistics, choose quotes from trustworthy resources, and research relevant figures. 

If you turn these tips, you will make your paper sound more interesting, complete, and convincing. 

Time To Sum It Up

Are you afraid of working with business topics? Lots of students are usually reluctant to work on business essays. The topics seem quite complicated for them. But what if we can suggest a way out? 

Using our guide, you can get unpaired by the list of topics for the writing. You can also find tips to choose the topic for the paper. There’s nothing wrong with writing a paper if you know how to choose the topic. Read the article again, get inspired by the list of options for the paper, and choose one for your task.

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