Your Argumentative Essay Ideas

September 15, 2019

Your Argumentative Essay Ideas

Argumentative essays are one of the most frequent tasks assigned to modern students. They can be assigned in almost any subject and require your profound knowledge of the topic. This task aims to reveal your ability to state and support your argument. Find out how to write an excellent argumentative essay and choose the best topic for you!

The Most Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Think about what issues you care most of all about. There surely have to be some topics that you discuss or pay attention to most often when they highlight them on TV, social media, or magazines. Our top recommendation would be to write about something that has a certain relation to you. This way, you will feel the topic, have deep knowledge of it and can tell about it in the best manner.

Controversial topics are usually connected with the conflicts of ethics and traditional values. If you want to impress your professor, check out some of the topics below divided into groups:

Topics about Society

Society is a great source for your argumentative essay topic. If we think of our modern society, we can come up with hundreds of ideas for our writing. Society itself is a controversy. Every aspect of it is teeming with problems needed to be solved. Some of them are critical and crucial for people, so reading on them would be interesting not only for your professor but for everyone.

  1. Is it necessary to ban abortions?
  2. Illegal immigration: what should every country do to improve the situation?
  3. Can suicide be justified if a person is terminally ill?
  4. Should church and government be totally separated or cooperate for improving society?
  5. Death penalty: should it be forbidden due to inefficiency?
  6. Globalization and its pros and cons.
  7. How can we improve the unemployment situation in our country?


Health is not a less up-to-date topic. And it can be really wide and give you tons to inspiration. You can pay attention to a new approach in the treatment of various illnesses and infections, to the problem of modern healthcare, to the lifestyle of modern people, etc.

  1. Can healthcare be free in our country?
  2. Public healthcare provider VS a private one.
  3. The aging of our population is increasing. What can our government do to improve the situation?
  4. Should healthcare for prisoners be the same as for other people?
  5. Drug addiction – is that a disease or caprice?


Society can’t exist without such an important constituent as a family. It plays an undeniable role in our society and you can find hundreds of great controversial topics related to families. No one can deny the importance of family for society and personality establishment. Its role and contribution are priceless. Check out some great argumentative essay topics below to write an outstanding essay yourself:

  1. Should children adoption by homosexual couples be legal?
  2. The pros and cons of physical discipline of children.
  3. Should mothers stay at home or work equally to their husbands?
  4. Should children read books? Why?
  5. What kind of parents are homosexual partners?
  6. The pros and cons of having a television at home.

Law and Politics

Society is full of interactions and law is often not perfect. There are lots of controversies in law, courts, and law-enforcement bodies. Criminals and free people – should they have the same rights? Take a look at the topics related to law below:

  1. The Supreme Court and its power under other government branches.
  2. Can the collection of metadata be considered a violation of the Fourth Amendment?
  3. Can the use of military force be justified and when?
  4. The pros and cons of the Stop-and-Frisk Police Tactic.
  5. Can any country be spying on its friends?
  6. Should our government make rich people pay more taxes?
  7. Can mass shootings be prevented?
  8. Is it possible to allow using guns on college campuses?
  9. Life sentence and juvenile offenders.
  10. The pros and cons of the death penalty.
  11. Citizens’ Privacy VS National Security.
  12. What is your attitude toward guns?


This is another related topic. It is about making the right decisions and their compliance with moral values. There are lots of ethical conflicting subjects. People have different moral principles and different nations have different moral values, so you will not lack topics if you decide to choose writing on ethics. Don’t hesitate to use the following topics as an example:

  1. Is it necessary to make priests and psychologists sharing the contents of their conversations with the police?
  2. Can doctors deny treatment to those patients who cannot afford it?
  3. Should the names of the sex offenders be listed to the wide public?
  4. Is hunting an expression of cruelty to animals?
  5. Should drugs be legalized?
  6. Should prostitution be legalized?
  7. Should people be allowed to protect their homes and keep a gun for that?
  8. Is white lie better than truth is some cases?

Education and Career

No need to deny the role of education for our lives, personalities, and society. But nowadays there is lots of controversy in the educational field as well. Try to see if some of the topics listed below can be interesting to you and serve as an example for your own argumentative essay:

  1. So students tend to cheat more often?
  2. Is it possible to allow students to grade their teachers?
  3. Is education in the 20th century better than that in the 19th century?
  4. The importance of arts and physical education.
  5. Should students spend less time in school?
  6. Is it a good idea to grouping children by their abilities?
  7. Is it necessary to launch a drug test for middle school students?
  8. Should children of illegal immigrants have a right to public education?
  9. Is education too money-oriented nowadays?
  10. The pros and cons of sports in school classes.
  11. Should government personnel have more privileges than people who work for private companies?
  12. Is education that important for having a good career?

Sports and Athletics

If you are fond of sports, don’t hesitate to write about this field. Topics related to sports are not as boring as you may think. There are lots of interesting subjects for discussions. Check out what exactly:

  1. Is football a dangerous kind of sport for players?
  2. Does sport affect our academic level?
  3. Can chess really be considered sports?
  4. Should elite athletes really get such enormous income?
  5. Should male and female athletes get the same salaries?
  6. Is baseball still so popular in our country?
  7. Should school players get salaries?
  8. Should animal sports be banned?
  9. Cheerleading: should we call it a sport?
  10. Sports betting: should it be legal all over the globe?

Technology and Social Media

We bet that technology and social media are a constituent part of everyone’s life. We use technologies every day and almost in every field. So finding a topic on technology or social media wouldn’t be a problem. See yourself:

  1. Do we become zombies with the development of technologies?
  2. Do social media substitute real-life communication?
  3. How do social media influence our self- esteem?
  4. Is real dating replaced by online dating?
  5. How does technology affect our education?
  6. Should cloning be legal?
  7. The pros and cons of exploring space.
  8. Will technological development ever stop?
  9. How to earn money from social media?
  10. Should we report offensive social media content?

How to Choose a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

There are so many topics for your argumentative essay right around you. so how to choose the best one for you? Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Your topic should be interesting. People have to be willing to discuss your topic. So make sure to conduct thorough research on your topic. It is easy – if you feel bored with the topic, don’t write on it. It would mean that everyone else will not find it interesting, too;
  • Your topic shouldn’t contain pure facts. Make sure to make your essay controversial. Expressing your opinion is a must, so avoid using pure facts. Of course, you should rely on facts but to make your writing interesting, express your own point of view;
  • Your topic shouldn’t be wide. Certain subjects are too wide to discuss and may make you get lost while writing on it. Make sure to choose a specific topic.
  • By no means get biased. You may be interested in many issues but choose the one towards which you don’t have too strong emotions. Avoid choosing a too personal subject.
  • Think of the evidence. You cannot simply write about something you believe it. Remember it should be supported by strong evidence. So make sure to conduct research beforehand and check if the chosen topic has enough of it. If you have good evidence to prove your point of view, get started!

Use Our Tips and Ideas to Write the Best of Argumentative Essays

We hope that the topics provided will help you with finding a good idea of your own. If you can’t come up with it, don’t hesitate to use one of the above-listed topics. And if you have doubts about having enough time or skills for writing a good essay and getting a good grade, welcome to ask our professional writers for help!

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